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MUST READ: Too Busy To Save Darfur

April 14, 2009

Over at, Shmuel Rosner (“Too Busy to Save Darfur”) argues that “the Obama administration has very few options for solving the crisis in Sudan.”

Money Quote:

Not long ago, in a conference call for Darfur advocates, Jerry Fowler, who runs the Save Darfur Coalition, raised a question: “Why is there a disconnect between how passionately and articulately candidate Obama addressed the issue of Darfur and said that the genocide there is a stain on our souls—and what President Obama is doing and saying now with millions of lives at stake?” This question is easy to answer: There’s always a difference between campaign rhetoric and the actions of the subsequent government. Only a fool, or someone who is extremely naive, believes everything a candidate says.

Rosner’s mocking rebuke of Fowler is spot on. How can the Executive Director of the largest and supposedly most influential Darfur advocacy organization be such a “fool” or so “extremely naive”? Or is Fowler simply being dishonest with activists that are looking to him and his organization for honest leadership in the hopes of solving the crisis in Darfur/Sudan? The jury is still very much out.

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