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Civil Disobedience Made Fun

April 27, 2009

From the ENOUGH Project blog:

“We need to shake up the status quo, and that’s why we’re getting arrested today,” said Enough’s John Prendergast, standing next to the police barricade surrounding the Sudanese Embassy.

Shaking up the status quo by getting arrested for trespassing on the grounds of the Sudanese Embassy — that’s serious business. Old-school civil disobedience. Don’t believe me? Take a look…here.

Oops. Apparently civil disobedience has entered a new stage — FUN!!!

Here’s a quick tip: When engaging in acts of civil disobedience to end mass atrocities/genocide/war crimes, your facial expressions need to match the gravity of your cause. Acts of civil disobedience are not “fun” or “cool” or “silly”, so hysterical laughter and smiling might not be the most appropriate facial gestures…at least not in front of the cameras.


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