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Dream Vacation to Sudan Still On — No Swine Flu!

April 30, 2009

Why must life keep imitating art? What’s that? You haven’t been planning a dream vacation to Sudan? Well, maybe someday…

Yes, there’s finally some uncommonly good news from Sudan: NO SWINE FLU!

Money quote:

Sudanese need not worry about the deadly swine influenza as the country was free of the epidemic, said the federal ministry of health today.

THANK GOD! Like the Sudanese need one more thing to worry about! They’ve already got a porcine president…

This lil' piggy had an ICC arrest warrant.

…the last thing they need is swine flu ripping through their already vulnerable population. Keep your fingers crossed that Sudan’s all-too-small-bit-of-all-too-uncommon-good-luck holds.


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