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A Look at Darfur Daily News

May 1, 2009

On an almost daily basis, the Save Darfur Coalition highlights “News About Darfur” (aka “Darfur Daily News”). For those concerned activists that care deeply about helping to bring relief to the people of Darfur/Sudan, but who aren’t professional Darfur advocates, Darfur Daily News is a trusted news aggregator/disseminator; a source that’s believed to highlight the most important daily developments on Darfur-related issues. Note that I said trusted source. Grassroots activists look to the professionals for critical enlightenment.

Unfortunately, SDC appears to be rather selectively highlighting those articles that support their own carefully constructed narrative that highlights the current “humanitarian crisis” and downplays the direct diplomatic efforts of leaders like Special Envoy Gration and Sen. John Kerry.

Take for example, Monday, April 27, 2009. SDC chose to highlight the following three articles:

  1. Precarious South Essential to Sudan
  2. Darfur Rebel Groups in Doha-brokered Talks
  3. 5 US lawmakers, others arrested at Darfur protest

All of these articles are worthy of review. And it’s not at all surprising that SDC would highlight an event they sponsored. But why not highlight Sen. John Kerry’s excellent Boston Herald op-ed and/or Louis Charbonneau’s Reuters piece. The title of Sen. Kerry’s piece,  “Diplomacy has a chance in Sudan”, says it all, while Charbonneau reports that UN officials declared Darfur is now a “low-intensity conflict”. Important? YES. More important than the three articles mentioned above? YES. Included? NO. Why?

Maybe it was just too much to promote a pro-diplomacy/rapprochement piece on the same day that the organization was choreographing a media stunt in front of the Sudanese Embassy? And maybe it was equally too much to take note of a report that stated only 130-150 people in Darfur were dying each month due to violence? (FYI: 130-150 dead is 130-150 too many.)

Maybe there’s nothing to these omissions, or maybe there is…we’ll be keeping an eye on Darfur Daily News in the days and weeks ahead, and let you know what we find.


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