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Darfur Daily News Blues

May 4, 2009

Last week we noted that the Save Darfur Coalition’s “News About Darfur”/”Darfur Daily News” feature(s) seemed to focus less on serious news about Darfur and more on “news” that reinforces the organizations multiple narratives. However, we decided to withhold ultimate judgment and keep our eyes open for reporting trends. It didn’t take long for something to catch our eyes.

Today, SDC highlighted the following three news articles:

  1. Going to Jail to Fight Genocide
  2. Chad and Sudan Agree to Halt Attacks
  3. Darfur crisis hits home in Dallas as refugees arrive, relief efforts grow

The first is yet another John Prendergast-co-authored piece about John Prendergast and the recent media stunt dressed up as a protest, and the third is a very interesting piece with a local hook that just happens to mention hometown hero, Jerry Fowler. However, these are not as much sins of commission as sins of omission.

It’s hard to argue that any Darfur-related piece printed/posted anywhere in the world is as relevant as the Edmund Sanders piece in today’s Los Angeles Times. “Is the Darfur bloodshed genocide? Opinions differ” is a fantastic piece of journalism and a MUST READ for any advocate or activist who wants to think critically about the challenges to securing a just peace in Darfur/Sudan. And that may very well be the reason SDC did not highlight an all-too-rare piece of quality journalism — critical thinking is the greatest enemy of simple-minded, overly-moralistic dogma. It’s very disappointing, but not at all surprising.

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