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Jerry Fowler, The Un-self-promoter: Mahvelous…Absolutely Mahvelous!

May 13, 2009

It’s doubtful that many of today’s anti-genocidaires were even born in the 1970s, let alone remember anything about them (except maybe disco-rific ABBA tunes and bell-bottoms). But for those aged constituents of conscience, here’s a blast from the pre-HD past…

For those of you unfamiliar with crisp and delicious 7-Up, it’s a lemon-lime-flavored, non-caffeinated soft drink. It was the original, pre-Sprite UN-cola! No cola nuts, no cola drink. In other words, it’ defined by what it’s not. Apparently, so is Save Darfur Coalition President Jerry Fowler

Foreign Affairs The Economist GQ Cat Fancy Esquire recently named Mr. Fowler as one of the “Sixty-Six Men to Emulate.” (Fowler is Lucky Number 13, wedged between such ethical luminaries as Newt Gingrich and Charles Barkley. Nice company to keep.)

Here’s how the hard-hitting journalists at Esquire define Mr. Fowler:

And, in a different but no less exhausting way, Jerry Fowler persists. He is defining, reframing, and working to end the genocide in Darfur, without a whiff of self-promotion. Google him.

In brief, Mr. Fowler “persists”, “defines”, “reframes”, and “works to end genocide.” Mahvelous…if it’s true. All this “without a whiff of self-promotion.” Whoa. That’s absolutely mahvelous…again, if it’s true. Always curious and never one to disobey a direct order from Esquire, I say let’s get Googlin’!

Here’s a great photo of “Jerry Fowler” we found via Google Images

A be-sweatpanted Jerry Fowler signs "Jerry" in GIANT letters on a GIANT postcard (Photo credit: Martha Heinemann Bixby at SDC's BLOG FOR DARFUR)

Can you smell that?! That’s the odoriferous emanation of un-self-promotion swaddled in cotton sweatpants (aka un-bell-bottom)! But wait, it gets even better…

Jerry Fowler proudly hoists GIANT postcard after signing "Jerry Fowler" in GIANT letters (Photo credit: Martha Heinemann Bixby at SDC's Blog for Darfur)

Hey, at least he’s not speaking in the third-person. “Jerry Fowler needs to sign Jerry Fowler’s name in GIANT letters on a GIANT “Be a Voice for Darfur” postcard. Jerry Fowler needs Jerry Fowler’s picture taken now. Jerry Fowler wants Jerry Fowler’s picture posted on Jerry Fowler’s organization’s blog. Jerry Fowler’s getting tired of smiling and hositing. Jerry Fowler’s wonderin’ if Jerry Fowler’s organization will ever reach the 1 million postcard signatures promised to President Obama.” See how bad it could be?

I wonder…by casting Jerry Fowler as the un-self-promoter, was Esquire actually suggesting that other leaders of the anti-genocide movement are self-promoters? If so, who’s the self-promoter to Fowler’s un-self-promoter? Hmm…

Nevertheless, congratulations to Mr. Fowler for his very public recognition as a genocide fightin’ un-self-promoter. We here at SDAP salute you (and your sweatpants)!

Mahvelous…absolutely mahvelous.


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