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Did you know…

May 29, 2009

…that the Save Darfur Coalition’s oft-bastardized phrase “constituency of conscience” was originally coined in 1968 by presidential candidate Eugene McCarthy in the editorial pages of the New York Times?

Everywhere I have campaigned I have sensed a deep uneasiness about the war and about the quality of our leadership. It flows from a profound and growing conviction that something is wrong with the direction of American society.

It is now clear to me that the discontent of the young is only the most dramatic sign of a feeling of paralysis that is shared by Americans of all ages.

Americans are not by nature a people that wishes to oppress their fellow citizens or oppress the peoples of other nations, and they do not wish to be led by fear. Yet we see the growth of leadership by fear. We are finding among ourselves fear of remote enemies and fear of our fellow citizens.

I have found this unease among every kind of American, and my most urgent appeal is not to any ready-made political bloc or alliance of interests or constituencies in this country. It is to one constituency—a constituency of conscience, of hope and of trust in the future.

Not bad, Mr. Eugene McCarthy of 1968, but get ready to be bested by the new and SDC-improved CoC of 2008!

The constituency of conscience isn’t just me and you. It also includes our elected officials, who themselves can also be counted as activists.

You and me and elected officials make THREE…and THREE is the magic number…so move over Mr. McCarthy, there’s a new CoC in town…and the Save Darfur Coalition is at the head.

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