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Did you know…

June 15, 2009

…that you can still visit the Save Darfur Coalition’s website and sign the SDC’s petition/postcard “and ask President-elect Obama to uphold his promise to act in Darfur during his first 100 days in office”? Quite a feat, that — time travel — since we’re quickly approaching no-longer-President-elect Obama’s 150th day in office. But all kidding aside, does the web presence of this action signify the coalition’s continued commitment to gather 1 million postcards? If so, how long will it take? 150 days? 200 days? Re-projecting a practical timeline is a simple task, but no new plans have been publicly announced.

So why the radio silence from SDC since February? According to individuals with knowledge of the campaign, SDC has decided to allow the campaign to die a very, very quiet death. If that’s the case, is the coalition simply using the now defunct campaign to fill their increasignly hollow email list? For anyone that understands the coalition’s “1 million person email list” fetish, the answer is fairly obvious.


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