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Ace of Cakes, Eat Your Heart Out

July 14, 2009

According to their Wikipedia page, it was on this day in 2004 that the Save Darfur Coalition was founded at the “Darfur Emergency Summit” in New York.  Since SDC thinks it’s somehow appropriate to celebrate their birthday, we thought that we would too.  In honor of this five year milestone, we had a friend of SDAP (We call you people “accountabilibuddies” and we love you all!) make SDC a birthday cake.  Here it is:


Each tasty tier represents one year in the life of SDC, chronologically from top to bottom.  It starts with a small movement that quickly attracts media attention and public support.  After funneling a lot of generously donated money to consultants, they get even cozier with other Darfur advocacy organizations.  Unfortunately, those relationships are marked by internal strife and clashes of ego, so the SDC we see today is increasingly ignored by the public and the media in favor of those who seek a less militaristic solution in Darfur.

Note that Alex de Waal is the guy holding the flag.  Originally, I suggested that he be shown holding a spotted dick to allude to his Britishness.  Unfortunately, the artist didn’t know that was a type of pudding and misinterpreted the suggestion to comedic yet completely inappropriate effect.  So, I requested that de Waal be depicted holding the flag of whatever country British people are from in order to identify him in a SFW way.

Oh, and just click on the picture for a larger version of the cake that will let you see easily missed details like the lovely chicken that’s sitting on the memorial structure from SDC’s April ’09 rally.  Fantastic stuff.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the incredibly talented accountabilibuddy who designed this wondrous work of art.  You did an absolutely incredible job and, even though it’s not a real cake, I think you should submit it to Cake Wrecks as a “Sunday Sweet.”

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