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Save Darfur Redefining “Give & Get”

July 22, 2009

I always thought that responsible non-profit organizations ensure that board members participate in the fundraising process by requiring that they contribute (“give) or raise (“get”) a set amount of unrestricted operating funds. But then again, maybe I was wrong.

According to the Save Darfur Coalition’s FY08 990, the organizations of four SDC board member’s received “cash grants and allocations” totaling $145,250. Don’t believe me? Just take a look…

Jill Savitt , Executive Director, Dream for Darfur – $41,250

Sam Bell, Executive Director, Genocide Intervention Network – $34,000

Scott Warren, Director, STAND – $30,000

Rabbi Steve Gutow, Executive Director, Jewish Council for Public Affairs – $40,000

That’s quite a haul. Simply show up, or call in, to a coupla meetings a year (“Give”), take home tens of thousands in organizational grants (“Get”), and…voila, “Give & Get” is redefined.

Come to think of it, in FY ’08, SDC gave more back to a few of its board members than it gave in relief to the Darfuri people they are busy “saving.”


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