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Emergency, Emergency, Emergency…Conference Call?!

July 26, 2009

I woke up this fine summer Sunday morning, stumbled outta bed, grabbed a cuppa coffee, and sat down to watch the morning TV talking heads (SecState Clinton was on NBC not talking about Darfur/Sudan) and read a few newspapers (also not mentioning Darfur/Sudan) and BAM…an EMERGENCY e-mail hit my mailbox like a virtual Bat Signal from a virtual Commissioner Gordon! That’s right, a Sunday morning EMERGENCY e-mail; an e-mail calling me to almost-immediate action.

What’s the “action” you ask, accountabilibuddy? None other than “attending” an emergency coordinating conference call of the Save Darfur Coalition.  The emergency? For your own safety, I suggest that you sit down.  Comfy now? Okay, the emergency is nothing short of Sudan Special Envoy Scott Gration’s upcoming testimony in front of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Thursday.

If you fancy yourself strong enough, here’s the text of the EMERGENCY e-mail:

Dear Partners,

With news that Sudan Special Envoy General Scott Gration is being called to testify
at a Senate Foreign Relations Committee Hearing next Thursday July 30, we are organizing a special conference call with Darfur Activist Leaders and Coalition Partners to coordinate efforts leading up to the hearing.

Please join us for this conference call.  More details to follow on Monday.

What: Special Conference Call regarding Gration’s appearance at Senate Hearing
When: Monday July 27 at 3:00pm Eastern
How: Dial-in Number: (218) 339-3600   Participant Access Code: 981918#

Best Regards,
Natasha Ghent-Rodriguez

P.S. You can see the full list of witnesses at the hearing by visiting the U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations page.

Hmm. So here’s a question for you: (No, it’s NOT the obvious: Why the hell does a coalition of 180 partners and 1 million activists need to host an emergency conference call when a special envoy testifies in front of the SFRC? Hint: The Coalition is losing gravitas with activists/elected officials with each and every passing day largely due to SDC’s “leadership.”) Why would someone who’s not a “Coalition Partner” or a “Darfur Activist Leader” receive an EMERGENCY e-mail addressed to Coalition Partners and Darfur Activist Leaders? And why would my friends, family and colleagues who are not Coalition Partners or Darfur Activist Leaders also receive such a silly e-mail? The answer, SDAP strongly believes, is that the highly-paid SDC advocacy crack team AGAIN (they once made a similar mistake with notes from a webinar) sent a targeted e-mail to the WRONG target list. And our suspicion is that tens of thousands of activists received this e-mail meant for approximately 300 recipients.

“Holy incompetence, Batman!” (Political Fallout)

“Holy incompetence, Batman!”

There’s nothing better than advertising to the world that your advocacy organization is amateurish, ill-prepared and increasingly less politically relevant. I guess it’s safe to say the Save Darfur Coalition is still successfully “raising awareness.” Unfortunately for them, it’s raising awareness that they’re an organization in drastic decline. (If you need any further proof, just join the EMERGENCY conference call tomorrow.) For that job well done, here’s to you, SDC!


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