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MUST READ: U.S. reshaping Darfur policy

August 4, 2009

Peter Wallsten and Edmund Sanders have a great piece in today’s Los Angeles Times on the Obama administration’s new approach to Darfur/Sudan. The article includes this very interesting tidbit:

Potential conciliation is particularly sensitive because of the war crime charges against Bashir. Some advocacy groups are planning for a marketing blitz designed to convince the White House to maintain pressure on Sudan in light of Gration’s push to engage Khartoum.

The media effort will include YouTube videos and viral ads highlighting campaign promises from Obama and his team pledging tough action to save Darfur.

“We fear [Gration is] being too concessionary,” said Randy Newcomb, president of Humanity United, a foundation that gets its money from the founders of EBay and is bankrolling the publicity campaign.

“These are people in the administration we’ve been friendly with, but we’ve got to keep the pressure on them to make sure they are very aggressive,” Newcomb said.

Now we have the funders out front leading the charge instead of the all-important advocacy orgs? Is Humanity United falling out of love with ENOUGH and the Save Darfur Coalition? And what the hell does “very aggressive” mean? We here at SDAP will be keeping a keen eye on the upcoming media campaign, so stay tuned.


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