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Droning On

August 6, 2009

Michelle F. (the “F.” is for faceless) over at STOP GENOCIDE touts the latest greatest Eric Reeves op-ed. The post isn’t worth reading in its entirety, but here’s the money quote:

Personally, I’m beginning to wonder if someone placed a chip in Gration’s head during his last trip to Khartoum, turning him into a drone for the government of Sudan.

You gotta admire the guts cajones of Save Darfur movement hacks (professional advocates and their major funders alike) that have failed miserably (REPEATEDLY over the past 5 years) at “saving Darfur” to take potshots at Gen. Gration.

Taking advice from Michelle. F, Jerry F., Sam B., and John P. on how to bring peace to Darfur is like taking advice from the German army on how to win a World War. (“Invade Russia in ze winter? Vy not? Let’s do it! I hear Stalingrad iz beautiful zis time of year.”) Bad, bad idea. Here’s some unsolicited advice to the nattering (neocon?) nabobs of negativity: Crawl into the backseat where you belong, lil’ children…the adults are back in the driver’s seat. Hey, if Gration lives up to your hopes expectations, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to say, “I told you so.” Then you can strut back to your over-paid, 9:30-to-5ish, holier-than-thou jobs…there will always be some people for you to “save”.


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