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MUST READ: The Save Darfur coalition’s vital statistics

August 13, 2009

First off, is no one gonna call me out for the obvious hypocrisy of my last post?  You disappoint me once again, blogosphere.  Oh well, moving right along…

Conor Foley critiques the Save Darfur Coalition in an excellent post over at Crooked Timbers.  Let’s see, “money quote” is my co-blogger’s line, so I’ll call this an “excerpt of interest:”

By massively inflating the real death toll and offering what seems to be the most ‘common sense’ solution – send in western troops – it has put all the other humanitarian agencies and human rights groups at a massive disadvantage when it came to fundraising and ensured that it is its own message that has dominated the debate.  It is accountable to no one, it helps no one and it has created a self-perpetuating circle, which in any other industry could get its organisers prosecuted for fraud.

It’s worth a read, and he’s a great example of someone who has clearly seen the tip of the iceberg of Save Darfur Coalition intrigue, but has no clue about the vast chunk of Titanic-sinkin’ ice that lies underwater.  I ain’t hatin’ though, we can’t all be obnoxious insiders.  Speaking of which, he’s written a great book called The Thin Blue Line that everyone in the anti-genocide movement should read post-haste.


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