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And the winner of the Save Darfur Not-Really-A-Campaign-Naming-Contest is…

August 18, 2009


As they often say on ESPN’s SpotsCenter following a game-winning homerun, jump shot, or touchdown pass, “Winner, winner, CHICKEN DINNER!”

I hate to say, “I told you so”…but…I told you so! However, I’m not only here to gloat, I’m also here to promote the Save Darfur Coalition’s latest greatest opportunity for committed activists to meaningfully participate in SDC advocacy efforts.

Apart from being allowed to vote for the name of the not-really-a-campaign, as an extra, added bonus, YOU now have an opportunity to fund YOUR now named not-really-a-campaign. YOU can help fund YOUR over-sized slide show of humanitarian porn, posters, fliers (I prefer the correct spelling), street teams and press conferences. All it takes is $42,000. By donating now, YOU get to act at a crucial moment to avert a disaster and “make it impossible for world leaders to ignore Darfur and Sudan a moment longer.” Don’t believe me? Take a look for yourself…

Dear ________,

Your words. Their images. One unforgettable message to the U.N.

Your words. Their images. One unforgettable message to the U.N.
The Darfur/Darfur exhibit in Paris

If we can raise $42,000 by August 21, we can project the powerful images of the Darfur/Darfur exhibit and mobilize activists on the streets around the U.N.

You can make it happen!

“Don’t Forget Darfur”

Imagine projecting this powerful message—along with the unforgettable images of the Darfur/Darfur photo exhibit—onto a building near the U.N. where world leaders will be sure to see it.

Well, you and I can make it happen, but only if we can raise $42,000 by August 21. Will you help?

Our window of opportunity is short.

We need to secure these funds before the U.N. General Assembly this September, as this could be our best chance to focus the world’s leaders on the millions of people still teetering on the edge of survival in Sudan.

________, your commitment to this campaign is what’s already driving our success. Thanks to the votes of thousands of activists like you, this week we chose “Don’t Forget Darfur” as the name for our all-out campaign this September.

Will you go one step further and help us take your message to the U.N.?

Your resolve and support couldn’t come at a more crucial moment for Sudan.

While millions of Darfuris continue to live in uncertainty and fear in Darfur, violence in South Sudan has sky-rocketed in recent months. If world leaders don’t act now, some experts believe the rise in insecurity in South Sudan could reignite the brutal war that killed over 2 million.

Your donation will support our Darfur/Darfur exhibit—as well as posters, flyers, street teams and press conferences—and could help us avert disaster by bringing the world’s attention back to the fight for peace in Sudan.

Through our massive display of images from Darfur, signs placed in your windows, and a global photo petition to President Obama, our “Don’t Forget Darfur” campaign will make it impossible for world leaders to ignore Darfur and Sudan a moment longer.

I want to thank you in advance for helping us seize this opportunity. I’ll be in touch soon to let you know whether we’ll be able to launch our projection this September!


Mark Lotwis
Save Darfur Coalition

Photo credit: Darfur/Darfur

I don’t have the time or energy to critique this criminally stupid email line-by-line.  Suffice it to say, it’s bad on nearly every level imaginable. A few questions immediately spring to mind though:

  1. What does it say when a multimillion dollar organization is begging for pennies?
  2. Are long-time staff members embarrassed when they read that this is what now passes for an “all-out” campaign?
  3. Wouldn’t it be more honest to say that this campaign is moving forward regardless of this fundraising ruse? Planning and preparation are currently moving forward and won’t be halted midstream if Save Darfur comes up short of its fundraising goal. Remember, “your commitment to this campaign is what’s already driving our success.”
  4. Finally, can a glorified slide show, etc. truly “make it impossible for world leaders to ignore Darfur and Sudan a moment longer?” How can anyone take these people seriously when they make such embarrassingly ignorant/misleading assertions? Public awareness and political willingness are not the same thing, Mr. Lotwis.

This email, campaign and organization are absolutely pathetic. If you can’t see that fact now, you should get back to licking toads, eating paste or blowing up small animals with firecrackers. (Note: SDAP does not, in any way, condone cruelty to animals.)

Unfortunately, Sudan, it looks like you’re next in line to be “saved.” For that, I’m very sorry.

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