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FUN WITH NUMBERS: How Developmental Aid Flows Around the Globe

August 28, 2009

Welcome, accountabilibuddies, to the first of our new series of posts that we’re ingeniously calling FUN WITH NUMBERS. Our inaugural post features numbers brought to us by the fine folks at

With Save Darfur’s incessant Rain Man-esque yammering for national and world leaders to “prioritize” Darfur/Sudan — whatever the hell that means — we thought we’d take a closer look at just how much developmental aid flows into Sudan and where that figure falls in relation to other aid-receiving nations. According to a recent post over at…

So what we see here is that, according to the most recent data from the respected Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, or OECD, Sudan receives $2,104,000,000, which places it in the 7th position around the globe just behind #6, Pakistan and ahead of #8, Nigeria.

Now, in terms of U.S. developmental aid flowing to Sudan, the country receives $725 million, which falls behind only Iraq and Afghanistan in terms of U.S. development aid flows. If that’s not “priority” status, I don’t know what is. Top 5? Top 3?

And, yes, we at SDAP know very well that developmental aid is not the only or even lead indicator of ill-defined “prioritization”, but it’s one good, quantifiable way to gauge commitment from the United States and the international community to development in Sudan.

Tip o’ the teeny, tiny hat to teeny, tiny Squirrely McNutt II!


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